Simpson 4th Axis pricing                         April,  2011


Basic Super Duty unit  US$ 900


* 1” thick aluminum frame – base undrilled or drilled to customer spec.

* Hollow 45mm spindle takes 5C collets or 5C mounted chuck.

* Dynamically balanced spindle assembly.

* GT style belt pulleys - main drive and pinion.

* GT 5 curvilinear tooth drive belt.

* Motor mount  to customer spec.  (Normally NEMA34)

* Aluminum plate frame cover

* Heavy gage full belt cover

* Large ABEC1 rated high quality sealed deep groove ball bearings on spindle

* Pre-wired Photo-interrupter home sensor

*’SwapAxis’ circuit board ( to swap ‘A” axis and ‘Spindle’ control to 4th axis)

*Control Macros for Mach3 CNC software.


Spindle lock option US$550

*Hardened steel disk brake rotor (totally enclosed).

*Dynamically balanced with spindle assembly.

*All NEW custom machined articulated caliper

*Pneumatic actuator cylinder

*Solenoid operated air valve

*CNC compatible 24V relay for solenoid valve

*Manual lock override button

*Control Macro’s for Mach 3 CNC software

*Plastic supply air line and hook up fitting to customer spec (usually ¼” NPT).


Dual reduction option $350

*Ball bearing supported idler with dual GT pulleys

*Motor Shaft Extension to customer spec. (Normally ½” bore)

*Stepped dual motor pulley

*Two additional GT style belts

*Overall reduction is doubled.